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Upcoming Surgery

Pray for God to look over me during my surgery, though minor.
0 04/26/23


For my fallen catholic family members.

0 04/23/23

Please pray for my mom

My mom has been having a hard time lately with her mental health. She is not in a good place and I would appreciate anyone who prays for her.
1 03/25/23


Our RCIA group

Please pray for our group who will become members of our faith. Bless them and support this Easter Vigil.
1 03/14/23

Deacon Jim

For Deacon Jim's cancer therapy
1 01/23/23

Heart Failure

Please pray for my husband Bill. He has heart failure with 30% EFR and end stage kidney failure and is having surgery tomorrow for emergency dialysis, please pray for a... Read More

0 01/22/23


Need Protection

God, please create a hedge of protection around me. Surround me, my head, feet &hands with Your Holy Spirit fire & with the precious blood of Christ Jesus. Cover me... Read More

0 01/22/23

Faith, Family, Finances

I am desperately in need of the Lord’s. My circumstances seem impossible and just seem to keep getting worse. I cannot see my way out. I need help in the... Read More

0 01/20/23

Strength & Wisdom

Please give us strength and wisdom, Dear Lord. My family, friends and I need prayers. You know what we need, Lord. In Jesus's name. Amen.

0 01/08/23

Wife's Anger Problem

My wife has a bad anger problem, as well as other problems, this anger is hard for me to handle, she goes to sleep and wakes up mad at me.... Read More

0 12/26/22

"Many who are weak, when united become strong; and it is impossible that the prayers of many should not be heard." — St. Ambrose