As Christians, we know (despite sometimes forgetting) just how important the following truths are:

1) Prayer isn’t a suggestion; it’s more of non-negotiable requirement/responsibility we have to God and others.

2) Prayer is more effective (and has more effects) than we realize.

3) Units of prayer combined, like drops of water, make an ocean that defies resistance.

4) It is absolutely imperative that we formally unite our prayer efforts and put this united force behind the individual prayers we all have, especially because doing so is indisputably meaningful to the person who vulnerably asked for the group to pray for their specific intention.

Integrating our prayer efforts with this community prayer registry takes all those truths into account and gives us a way to act on them.

Here's all we ask of you as a tester: take just a few minutes to explore the registry and test some of the features by doing the following four things:

1) Click on the buttons you see in the upper right and left of this page; test out the function of submitting a praise or a prayer. It doesn't have to be real; all of the prayers and praises you see are "test data"; they are not real prayers from our parishioners.

2) Click some of the "Pray For This" buttons on this page on the test prayers you see.

3) See if you can find how/where to create an account, and do so. (I'm looking to see how easy it is.)

4) Test out anything else you'd like to test, and explore the site as much or as little as you'd like.

Last but not least, when you're all done just please go back to the email I sent you and reply to me with any feedback, thoughts, or problems/errors you had. Thanks again for being willing to help us test this out in preparation for launching it to the parish!

Latest Prayers

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Upcoming Surgery

Pray for God to look over me during my surgery, though minor.
0 04/26/23


For my fallen catholic family members.

0 04/23/23

Please pray for my mom

My mom has been having a hard time lately with her mental health. She is not in a good place and I would appreciate anyone who prays for her.
1 03/25/23


Our RCIA group

Please pray for our group who will become members of our faith. Bless them and support this Easter Vigil.
1 03/14/23

Deacon Jim

For Deacon Jim's cancer therapy
1 01/23/23

Need Protection

God, please create a hedge of protection around me. Surround me, my head, feet &hands with Your Holy Spirit fire & with the precious blood of Christ Jesus. Cover me... Read More

0 01/22/23


Heart Failure

Please pray for my husband Bill. He has heart failure with 30% EFR and end stage kidney failure and is having surgery tomorrow for emergency dialysis, please pray for a... Read More

0 01/22/23

Strength & Wisdom

Please give us strength and wisdom, Dear Lord. My family, friends and I need prayers. You know what we need, Lord. In Jesus's name. Amen.

0 01/08/23

Faith, Family, Finances

I am desperately in need of the Lord’s. My circumstances seem impossible and just seem to keep getting worse. I cannot see my way out. I need help in the... Read More

0 01/20/23

Wife's Anger Problem

My wife has a bad anger problem, as well as other problems, this anger is hard for me to handle, she goes to sleep and wakes up mad at me.... Read More

0 12/26/22